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A large promotional campaign is expected to be launched by the Rhodes Airport Taxi Owners’ Association to inform the passenger public (guests and locals), defend the interests of the sector and address the phenomenon of unfair competition.

The forms, brochures and posters to be printed will contain the following message: “The only legitimate taxi in Rhodes is the one that has yellow plates and a hat in the sky. Any customer using an illegal taxi will pay a fine themselves.”

As the chairman of the taxi owners, Mr. Marin, said in the “d”. Theodosis Kastanidis, several “pirates” use the word taxi illegally, causing confusion in the world, especially among tourists. According to the Ministry of Transport, however, only owners of HICPs (taxis and market vehicles) can use the word taxi by a taxi meter.

“Many people illegally use the word taxi, causing confusion among the public.

We therefore thought that we should use a large information campaign to defend the interests of our industry. There will be printed material to be distributed on taxi dishes and in many other places. More generally, we want to project the taxi. Visitors do not know, for example. that it is an economic means of transport compared with the outside. The taxi is cheaper than public transport.

A group of four people will pay less for a route within the city than if the bus took, but this is not widely known,” said Kastanidis, who noted that the digital register of Private Cars (IPR) in drivers would significantly reduce the big problem of illegal transportation and unfair competition.

“We hope this season will not face the same problems as unfair competition, as last year.

The electronic register of minivans in Rhodes will significantly reduce this uncontrolled situation that existed until recently, because no one will be able to operate at the expense of taxis anymore,” Kofi said. Kastanidis.

The 2019 season was satisfactory, according to the president of taxi owners, except for the problems of transportation and illegal transportation. This year’s season, according to him, is projected to be better for the sector, due to the increased demand for Rhodes, but also to the strengthening of rhodes airport taxi control mechanisms.

“Taxi owners are about 500 and drivers are about 150.

A total of 700 families are dependent on taxis. You realize how important it is to combat illegal transport.

With the electronic register and increased policing we believe that we will not have any particular problems this year’s season which, judging by the interest in Rhodes, will be good in terms of movement,” noted Tzoanos. Kastanidis.