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The driver of “Blue Taxi” sexually harasses the French tourist


A French tourist has fallen prey to sexual harassment during her stay in Albania. It is about an event that happened on September 4, but has not been made public until today.

The tourist was traveling from Tirana to Vlora with one of the cars of the “Blue Taxi” company. On the way, the driver started sexually harassing the tourist by first touching her arms and then pulling out her genitals. Frightened by the created situation, the tourist asked to get out of the car, but for several minutes her freedom was taken away.

The driver was not allowing her to get off and after many efforts the tourist got out of the car. Traumatized and with tears in her eyes, she writes to an Albanian friend telling him the whole incident.

From the conversation that took place and an audio that the tourist sent to her friend, the details of the event are explained, how the driver tried to rape her by luring her with a reduction in the price of the service.

“We were traveling towards Vlora. The driver started complimenting me by looking me straight in the eye and telling me how beautiful you are. Then he started touching my arms telling me that I have beautiful skin. I started to get scared. He was then touching himself and then proceeded to unbutton his pants. There he touched himself again and took out his cock. I asked to get off, but he didn’t let me, and after I hesitated, he stopped me at a gas station” – says the tourist, among other things.

JOQ Albania immediately contacted “Blue Taxi” asking for a response if they knew about this event. The company said they are aware and fired the driver as soon as the tourist complained to them.

“Greetings from Blue Taxi! We are aware of the situation, the necessary measures have been taken for this incident. We talked to the girl in question and the girl’s relatives, and the driver immediately left his job. It has also been communicated to the customer in question about the dismissal of the driver” – says the company.


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