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New ‘0’ Zero Point art exhibition uses Istanbul Airport’s waste materials


New ‘0’ Zero Point art exhibition uses Istanbul Airport’s waste materials

Istanbul Airport has launched a new art exhibition ‘0’ Zero Point by the artist Deniz Sa?d?ç, in its departures terminal, to raise visitors’ and passengers’ awareness of sustainability and recycling.

Speeding up its activities in culture and art with iGART, Istanbul Airport (IST) continues to make more space for art with its innovative projects. The latest of culture and art meetings at Istanbul Airport is taking place with the exhibition ‘0’ Zero Point by the artist Deniz Sa?d?ç.

Istanbul Airport aims to inspire its guests about eco-friendly habits with the ‘0’ Zero Point project. The artworks consisting of portraits with characteristics of various nationalities are being exhibited at Istanbul Airport. The exhibition, which was opened for visitors in January 2022 in the International departures terminal at Istanbul Airport, attracts great attention. A portion of the income received from the sales of the artworks will be used in iGA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.

20 pieces are being exhibited, which took Deniz Sa?d?ç and her team four months of workshops utlising used/waste materials such as old uniforms bearing the trademarks of iGA and its stakeholders, as well as plastic containers, rubbish bags, cables, and buttons discovered and identified by Istanbul Airport’s Waste Management Centre.

Deniz Sa?d?ç, in her ‘Ready-ReMade’ project, launched in 2015, tries to remake everyday objects abandoned by people, as well as all kinds of waste materials, as works of art in the world of art itself.

The artist, with this technique, aims to encourage individuals to reconsider their consumption habits, to inspire people and institutions about ‘sustainability’, to take art closer to people by using everyday materials rather than anything that requires specialisation and skill, and to point out that art, like any other area or industry, is a matter of sustainability.

The exhibition launched by Istanbul Airport to inspire its visitors about eco-friendly lifestyle habits and raise their awareness of sustainability and recycling will be open to visitors for three months.