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Taxi driver attacked a customer at El. Venizelos Airport in Greece


the taxi meter had an indication for 6 euros but the driver asked for a 5 minute taxi fare … 35 euros – Wanted by the police

A fraudulent taxi driver picked up a 64-year-old woman from Spata athens airport to a parking area near Eleftherios Venizelos where she had parked her vehicle and attempted to “scratch” her financially by demanding 35 euros for a few kilometers (only five minutes from the athens airport) with the taxi meter reading just 6 euros. And when the customer asked for a reason, the irascible taxi driver attacked her, even demanding the 35 euros extortionately in order to give her her suitcase.

Eventually the woman gave in, gave him the money to get her luggage and then went to the police and reported the incident. She even gave the license plate number of the athens airport taxi held by the parking attendant who witnessed the “heated” incident and the fraudulent driver is wanted.

The meter showed a fare of €6, demanding €35.

When the 64-year-old woman crossed the threshold of the Agia Paraskevi Security Department on Thursday morning and reported what happened the afternoon of the previous day, the police officers could not believe everything she described. As the woman testified, shortly after 18:30, she took a taxi from the Eleftherios Venizelos airport and asked the driver to take her to the parking lot where she had left her vehicle, which is located 8 km from the airport.

As soon as they arrived, the woman saw the meter reading 6 euros and gave the driver 7 euros, telling him that she was leaving him a 1 euro tip. The taxi driver then jumps out, approaches her just as she is about to open the trunk to get her suitcase and “blocks” her, telling her to give him 35 euros. The woman refuses and tries again to get her luggage.

But the irascible driver starts shouting, swearing and demanding 35 euros to give her the suitcase. In fact, when tempers flared after the verbal attack, he moved threateningly towards her, forcing the frightened woman to give him the money. Once he had pocketed another 25 euros, he threw the suitcase at her and disappeared. The incident was watched in amazement by an employee of the parking lot who gave the license plate number of the rogue driver and the 64-year-old woman went on Thursday morning to the Agia Paraskevi Security Department where she lives and reported the incident. In fact, in addition to a license plate, the victim gave a description of the taxi driver. He was a man of about 55 years of age of medium build dark-haired man who was wearing a mask for the coronavirus.