Home new This winter, Ryanair is adding 26 additional trips to Portugal.

This winter, Ryanair is adding 26 additional trips to Portugal.


Portugal will have 26 additional routes in winter, according to NS Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary. This investment will also result in the creation of 300 new employment.

“We will place more aircraft in Lisbon, generate more employment in Lisbon, increase growth, and help Portugal recover quicker from the Covid-19 epidemic crisis,” Michael O’Leary stated at a news conference, according to TVI24.

In addition, three new planes and 4% more seats will be available at Lisbon Airport. On the other hand, fuel consumption will be reduced by 6%.

Bari, Agadir, Lanzarote, Malta, and Palermo are among the destinations served by the new flights from Lisbon airport, Porto, and Faro.

Ryanair said in early August that it will invest $300 million (€253.4 million) at Lisbon Airport, where three more planes will be dedicated beginning in November as part of its winter 2021 schedule.

As a result, the firm will have seven aircraft based in Lisbon, operating 50 routes and more than 250 weekly flights, including 22 new routes to destinations in Italy, Morocco, France, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, and other European countries. In a press release.

Ryanair takes aim at the government (and TAP)

“Why is Montego still not working?” Ryanair questioned the Portuguese authorities. Why are they delaying Montego Airport so much?”

He also went after the executive branch, accusing it of continuing to allow TAP to fill openings at Lisbon Airport that are never filled.

The business press cited O’Leary as stating, “If these khans are freed, we will invest more in Portugal, and tourism will recover faster.”