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New Lisbon airport plan damned by experts


A former chairman of engineers, an aerodrome engineer and an airport consultant have challenged the Government and VINCI to show the documents that justify the decision to build the new airport in Montijo to the detriment of Alcochete.

“I challenge ANA/VINCI [Lisbon airport concessionaire] to prove that the `Humberto Delgado Airport [AHD] + Montijo´ solution, which is not validated from an environmental point of view, is cheaper than the construction of the New Lisbon Airport [NAL] at Campo de Tiro de Alcochete [CTA], where the `hub’ moves there”, Carlos Matias Ramos, former chairman of the Engineers (2010-2016) and former president of LNEC, told Lusa news agency.

Lisbon airport – Strategic Perspective of National Interest’ is the title of the document signed by former LNEC president Carlos Matias Ramos, aerodrome engineer Carlos Brás and airport consultant, researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and former framework of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, Victor Rocha.

“Right now the country is witnessing a dogma, in which it is said that Montijo is cheaper. This is dogma. Does anyone know of any documents in which this is said, in a technical, sustained way, in terms of costs and comparative analyses? I do not know. And I have asked”, Carlos Matias Ramos told Lusa, reiterating the request to ANA and the Government to demonstrate that the option for Montijo is cheaper than the phased construction of the New Lisbon Airport (NAL) in Alcochete.

Convinced that “intelligence and knowledge” will end up overcoming alleged external factors, which have nothing to do with the national interest, Carlos Matias Ramos recalled that the resolution of the Council of Ministers that decided to build the NAL in Alcochete “has not yet been revoked.”

“Montijo is a bad solution, it’s terrible. It makes no sense and is a strategic mistake for the country’s future”, underlined the former president of LNEC.

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