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The tap-to-pay system is already in use on public transportation in Porto.


The tap-to-pay system is already in use on public transportation in Porto.

This is only the beginning; by the end of 2022, the service will be available throughout the whole transit network.

Passengers on Porto’s STCP Bus Line 500 and Metro Line E can now pay their fares by just tapping the installed readers as of July 22. Commuters will no longer be required to top up their Andante (Porto transport) tickets before boarding the bus or metro.

Users can enjoy more smooth journeys by paying for them with their contactless debit, credit, or prepaid card or a payment-enabled device, such as a smartphone, using ‘Tap-to-Pay.’ There’s no need to bring cash, stand in line for tickets, or be familiar with the local ticketing system. As a result, the city’s digital upgrading will benefit both tourists and business travelers.

The system, which was created before the pandemic, is now even more accurate.

The new system is being phased into the city’s public transportation system. The Metro line that runs to and from the international airport is the first to profit from its installation. The transit officials have vowed that the tap-to-pay gadgets will be placed in other subway lines in the coming months. They will be present in the whole STCP bus fleet as well as CP-Porto trains by the end of 2022.

Each ride on the Metro airport line and the STCP Bus Line 500 will cost €2.00, with tickets good for one hour and fifteen minutes. Passengers can freely change trains at participating stations during this time, regardless of the number of boardings.

Passengers utilizing the Metro and STCP will benefit from automatic best-value prices, which means they will never spend more than €7.00 (the cost of a daily ticket), regardless of how many trips they take during the day.

The objective is that the ease of use of this payment method will encourage residents and visitors to use public transportation in Porto airport, allowing for better and more environmentally sustainable travel.

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