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Expore the food options in Istanbul


One of the most important parts of a trip and one of the best ways to experience the culture of a city is to taste its cuisine. A trip to Istanbul certainly couldn’t be any different.

The Cuisine of Istanbul

In Polite Cuisine, the main ingredients used are lamb, beef, chicken and fish, while eggplants, green peppers, lentils, onions, garlic, beans and tomatoes are prominent vegetables.

In Polish cuisine, nuts such as peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts are used in the filling of dishes for extra flavour. The most important part, however, and what makes the dishes stand out, is the spices and herbs used, especially cumin and parsley. All this on a table that usually has a plate of pastrami, dried fruits, and after the meal, ariani, tea or coffee is served.

Nice places to see, and taste delicacies, is the Kapali Çarsi covered market, with all kinds of shops and, of course, restaurants. For fish, the restaurants on the banks of the Bosphorus are recommended, serving turbot, a flat fish reminiscent of tongue fish, grilled. Everywhere in the city there are small doner shops, something like our own round, although it is best to prefer shops a little further out of the centre,for lower prices and better quality. Finally, restaurants serve kebabs, imam bailey, yurtlu and all the local specialities. Source Politiki Kouzina

In Istanbul, the food is very good but at the same time it is also worth it for the atmosphere offered by its restaurants. Shops where you take off your shoes and hang out on cushions. The food can be served in sofa and you can enjoy wonderful meals.

Plenty of restaurants are located on the Keratios Gulf side. In the Flower Market, on Istiklal Avenue, the flower shops have given way to beautiful and quaint taverns.

It is worth mentioning Otantik Istiklal located on the main pedestrian street of Pera. In the window, old women wearing traditional costumes are kneading and baking lahmatzun and giozlemedes.
Tunel area.

Next interesting suggestion is definitely a visit to an area flooded with restaurants and bars. It is located at the end of Istiklal, in the Tunel district.

The restaurants operating in the area offer an excellent combination of tidbits and radishes. You can try a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese. Finally, you can order coffee and dessert in many of them, as well as delicious food.

Hotels are also available. You can book very nice and economical hostels to hotels of opulence and luxury.

In general, Turks are extremely polite, especially those who are engaged in service activities. However, knowledge of foreign languages is quite limited. Without being of course the extremely cheap destination, it is suitable for all budgets. In the beautiful city of Istanbul no one feels that they are discounting or having a miserable time.

The best time to visit this incomparable beauty and the historic city of Istanbul is in spring and autumn. Of course, if you get lucky and it snows during your stay, you will feel the absolute magic.

Travel to another season, experience the splendor of the east and get lost exploring the unknown alleys of this place. The value and experience you will gain will be unique. A trip to Istanbul is clearly a journey into the unknown and an ideal escape from everyday life