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Yet more illegal taxis in Bari, another taxi discovered and fined at the airport


The activities of Bari’s local police to combat illegal drivers who improvise with the chauffeur-driven hire service without having the right to do so continue. Yesterday again, at the arrivals terminal of Bari-Palese airport, the driver of a Fiat car was sanctioned, pursuant to Article 85 c.4 of the Italian Highway Code, for using the vehicle as a chauffeur-driven car hire service, even though, according to the information in the vehicle registration document, the vehicle was supposed to be used for the transport of persons, third party use, and a bari airport taxi service in the square of another Apulian municipality in the Capitanata region.

On board the vehicle, agents of the administrative team of the Bari local police command surprised a passenger. At the time of the check, the taximeter was off and the transfer from Bari to the municipality of Foggia, as declared by the driver himself, had been agreed the day before by e-mail for a fee of EUR 160.

In addition to the main penalty, the officers withdrew the vehicle registration certificate and placed the vehicle under administrative arrest.

The local police reminds us that when using a vehicle for square transport, it is necessary for it to display the plate with the licence issued by the municipality where the business is based: it is advisable to be wary of parties offering to hire vehicles, often with vehicles that do not comply with the basic safety standards laid down by the Highway Code.