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Prague airport evacuates terminals following fireworks explosion


Arrivals to Prague’s Václav Havel airport were temporarily suspended after fireworks exploded in a passenger’s backpack, the airport tweeted this morning.

Initial reports say that around 9 a.m. in the public part of Terminal 2, the fire was ignited by an as yet unidentified object. According to police, a British citizen was burned in the incident.

For safety reasons, the connecting corridor between Terminal 1 and 2 was evacuated and all airport access roads for the individual transport were closed until 10:20.

“At around 9 o’clock in the public part of Prague airport Terminal 2, there was a fire caused by an as yet unidentified object by a citizen of Great Britain. At the moment, all emergency units are in place and the preliminary investigation is being carried out,” the police wrote on Twitter.

Police pyrotechnicians are now working to determine the cause of the flare; according to police, the accident was likely caused by the “unprofessional use of fireworks.”

Shortly before 10:30, the airport tweeted that the extraordinary closure is over and regular airport and traffic operations resumed.

Airport officials are encouraging arrivals to use public transport, however, to access the airport.

“The arrival of public transport buses to the airport is not limited,” the airport tweeted. The transport company stated on its website that due to police closures on Aviatická Street, it is moving Terminal 1 stops to Aviatická Street near the Marriott Hotel.